Masked bandits of the wildlife kind
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It ain't a heist until Frankie says it's a heist! (Cue Ocean's 11 stinger.)
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A++, would click through again.
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Finally, some good news.
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Aww, they're just young 'uns: still got the tapered tails. Put it down to youthful indiscretion.

Raccoons are swimming in Toronto's rivers and creeks, trying to catch salmon. Their tails floof out behind them like some huge safety buoy
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I don't think I would eat a Toronto river salmon any more than I would eat a Toronto raccoon.
posted by saturday_morning at 7:24 AM on October 22, 2020

After a 10-minute foot chase

I love this article.
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“Thankfully the raccoons were not injured during their morning escapade, and to our knowledge they didn’t abscond with any money,” Tarbox told the ABC.
Smash cut to chucking raccoons in a tree hollow counting out stacks of fifties.
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There's 5 inches of standing water in my basement, countless things ruined. Was on the phone with the unemployment agency for over an hour this morning only for them to tell me they couldn't help with my issue because their computers are down. Democracy is crumbling, Trump's still dominating the news, and yesterday I had to see a picture of Rudy Giuliani fondling himself...

In short, thanks for posting this. I needed a laugh this morning.
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Came in expecting something more like this, delighted by the surprise raccooning.
posted by Mchelly at 3:49 PM on October 22, 2020

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