#GeorgiaRaising virtual door-knocking
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For your holiday shopping, buy a present from Georgia instead of Amazon—or donate to a Georgia school or non-profit—and leave a positive #GeorgiaRaising note letting them know you're donating/buying in support of senatorial candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock, and then optionally share on social media.

Tiffany Bond suggests that Americans use her #MaineRaising model of donating to classrooms and local charities and buying from small businesses in Georgia—and leave a note saying why you did—to inspire people to vote while actually helping make their communities better.

Note that DonorsChoose lets you narrow down your options to never before funded teachers, projects with no donations, more than half of students from low‑income households, and/or rural schools, and Etsy lets you narrow down by geographic location as one of their filters.
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Anybody have a link to where I can buy American flags that are made in Georgia?
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I was just sent these links today, possibly of interest to others:

Toolkit for BIPOC & Civic Engagement GOTV for GA Runoff Elections - Jan 2021

Georgia BIPOC-led voter outreach organizations
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halehale, would this work?
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If you want one place to donate, here's a grab-bag of on-the-ground local POC activating/GOTV/Voter protection orgs that are working in this space

(big overlap w/hypnogogue's list)
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...and that donorschoose list is heartbreaking. FFS georgia and the usa, FUND YOUR GODDAMN SCHOOLS.
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I went ferreting for jewellery, and found the following shiny things:

This shop is generally hilarious and also has some lovely pronoun badges.

This shop does nice stamped/inscribed silver, including a nevertheless, she persisted bracelet and a sweet pawprint ring

Jewellery with chunky, colourful stones

Copper ring with Egyptian goddess Ma'at

This shop has beautiful hair jewellery for dreadlocks and twists, and water bottles that say "drink your DAMN water"

And if you happen to need a jewelled headdress, crown or tiara, you can find them here.
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Excellent. Thank you so much!
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This is such a good idea, because even if Dems don't take the senate at least you still supported someone's school or business.
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Save democracy with a googly eyed taxidermy pufferfish or this Baphomet Taxidermy Rat Mount from Savannah.
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