Throat Notes
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Felix Colgrave, creator of Double King (previously) and other interesting cartoons, returns with Throat Notes, a charming and bizarre story about frogs and frog sounds.
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Loved those. Gotta keep an eye out for this guys work.
posted by WalkerWestridge at 12:40 PM on December 28, 2020

This is stunning. I'm nearly speechless. Missed the last thread about him, glad to catch this one. It simultaneously looks entirely unique but also gives me deja vu. The paws/claws feel asian to me, specifically traditionally indian or chinese, though I can't find examples of what I'm looking for. Insanely creative.
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Double King still haunts me, I'm so glad he's still making work.
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That sure was a Felix Colgrave short that I just watched, dang.

I am glad that while he has a distinct aesthetic, he has not gotten to that place where you pretty much know what to expect next at any given moment.
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It's amazing that for something so short, there was so much dramatic tension throughout. It's not often I'm watching something that makes me forget my tea. Incredible.
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I bought the Double Kind soundtrack and have a poster from one his music videos(The Fever the Ghost one), so to say I love his work is an understatement.
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Felix Colgrave and Terry Gilliam. Name a more iconic duo.

No, seriously. I desperately want these two to work together before Gilliam croaks. Colgrave's work has what seems like a massive amount of influence from the animations Gilliam did for Monty Python's Flying Circus.
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I loved those. I was thinking it has a strong Richard Williams’ Cobbler & the Thief vibe as well as Gilliam. Also Nina Paley.
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Highly accurate representation of using a backyard toilet at night in the Australian bush
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The paws/claws feel asian to me
Close, but no cigar. The setting is distinctly Australia. Character with hat: ring-tail or brushy-tailed possum. White character with dead rainbow lorikeet: feral cat. Yawning jaws in early sequence: thylacine.
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I screamed in public today when I put my hand inside my narrow, dark mailbox on the footpath and felt a cool damp squelchy thing in the back corner. Once I had calmed down, I looked and was relieved to find a large green and golden bell frog instead of a very scary snake or somesuch. Frog was rehomed into a safe garden and my heartbeat returned to normal.
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And thanks JHarris. I hadn't seen this person's work before. Just amazing.
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The video's description identifies the setting as Tasmania. And I'd just like to say that I wouldn't mind having a computer running the OS that the hat-opossum was using.
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