These Colors Don't Run
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The house down the street from me has rainbow-colored Christmas lights on their front porch, and it’s beautiful.
posted by The Underpants Monster at 1:57 AM on June 11 [4 favorites]

I am from Alcoa, TN, from the community where the bridge is located. I have painted that bridge many times as a teenager - everyone is invited to paint whatever they want there. I was so pleased to see so many community members gather together to repaint the bridge after what Tabitha did, but I am REALLY disappointed in the local hospital for retaining her as an employee in spite of the way she verbally attacked and intimidated the two teenage girls who were just out on a fun date night. I am not sure how any LGBT person or Latino person (since Tabitha also made derogatory comments about immigrants during her rant) can go to that hospital and feel safe, ever again.
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“Fire” destroyed the Long Beach lifeguard tower in only the most technical of terms. It was arson. I know “hate crime” wouldn’t fit, but it’s only one more letter, headline crafters. You can do it.
posted by mykescipark at 7:57 AM on June 11 [8 favorites]

The video of the woman painting over the Pride flag on the bridge in Alcoa is stomach-turning. Just such incredibly hateful and entitled behavior. Those two teenagers handled themselves really well.
posted by Hutch at 11:00 AM on June 11 [1 favorite]

Putting up our first Progress Pride flag at my synagogue at services tonight!
posted by Flight Hardware, do not touch at 11:51 AM on June 11 [10 favorites]

It took one day for us to have a threat of violence posted as a comment on our synagogue's Instagram page. "Pride comes before destruction" was the first comment we got on the photos of the Pride flag.
posted by Flight Hardware, do not touch at 8:49 PM on June 13

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