The Pink and Purple Church in the Castro
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In 1979, a community of LGBTQ Christians bought an old church building in San Francisco’s Castro District. Over the next decade, the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco (MCCSF) became known in the neighborhood as the The Pink and Purple Church in the Castro. This exhibit is a visual and audio history culled from more than 1200 tapes stored beneath the floor of the church's music room and features liturgy, songs, and interviews with church members.
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Link appears to be down?
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Mod note: Link's working for me but that site seems to be loading pretty slow. Maybe experiencing a bit of load right now?
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This is a really thoughtful document that I'll share with family. Thanks!

I grew up in attending another MCC with my mother. I lived in SF for years, but never knew this one had existed. As a deeply cynical, skeptical, asshole atheist, I don't entirely get it. But, I can't help but respect the church and its history. The world would be a better place if more Christian churches practiced implementing their ideas in the way MCC always has.
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