Christopher Lee reads Sherlock Holmes Stories
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Why yes, yes I am.
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I literally said what mhoye said before I saw the comment! Excited!
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Lee has done readings of so much great stuff. I believe he has read all of M.R. James's work, and other weird fiction as well. Works of Poe... I can't wait to set some time aside and listen to these!
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Oh, thank you!!
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"Lee has done readings of so much great stuff."
Not to mention the supernaturally-tinged "The Hound of Death: And Other Stories" by Agatha Christie!
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I have listened to these before, A++ highly recommend!

Lee and best mate Peter Cushing didn’t get to do much Sherlock Holmes together, but I also recommend 1959’s The Hound of the Baskervilles from Hammer Studios.
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The Underpants Monster: Thought you might enjoy this Stephen Fry story. (And here's the song.)
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Too awesome!
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My vaguely related anecdote. In the early 70s I lived in a beach house near Whitstable, Kent. The aforementioned, and then mostly retired, Peter Cushing was a neighbour and on Sundays I would sometimes be behind him in a queue at the convenience store while he paid for his pint of milk and newspaper and made small talk with the shopkeeper in that voice.
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Anti-semitism warning for the first story link. Not Lee's fault, but Conan Doyle's.
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