June 1, 2000
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Elian's fathers rights were affirmed today, and the decision is already online. One thing I love about the Internet is that things like this take nanoseconds to be available to the public (if the system's working right, at least!) -- where previously you had to rely on the newsmakers' spin on things, now you can read the decision yourself and come to your own conclusions.
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Oops -- fathers = father's. *blush*
posted by delfuego at 10:29 AM on June 1, 2000

I'm confused. The decision says that Elizabeth Gonzales (Elian's mother) had custody after the divorce. I read that Juan Miguel (the dad) had custody of Elian. Hmmmmm.
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With the death of the mother, custody would automatically move to the father absent some specific reason to the contrary.
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I haven't paid much attention to the news in weeks. Perhaps months. One reason is because I tired of seeing Elian Gonzales as a headline. As if every plot twist in this absurd fiasco were a late breaking story. Due to another Metafilter post, I was reminded of Ananova and realized that by now they've actually got her up and online. I decided to go check her out. What's the top story? Elian Gonzales.


Yes Castro's a butthead and Elian may be a sweet kid who deserves better, but I can't help but think this entire charade is the latest development in a series of lunatic fringe goingson due to a vocal minority at residence in Florida. This lunatic fringe should not be silenced, but I wish the rest of the world would stop listening to them. Send Elian home with his daddy. Hopefully that'll be the end of it. I would rather be subjected to reruns of Starsky and Hutch than hear another word about the kid.
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