Trees are Magnificent, and so can be the words about them.
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A Tall Tree Reading List. Featuring five essays: The Wolf Tree and the World Wide Web. Do Trees Talk to Each Another? Illuminating Kirinyaga. Inside the Pacheedaht Nation's stand on Fairy Creek Logging Blockades. When the Toughest Trees meet the Hottest Fires.
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Casting Deep Shade: An Amble Inscribed to Beech Trees & Co
Book by C. D. Wright

Guide to trees
Book by Rutherford Platt

A year among the trees
Book by Wilson Flagg

This is from 1881 : "The original circumstances of the country have been
entirely revolutionized. The American climate is now in
that transition state which has been caused by opening
the space to the winds from all quarters by operations
which have not yet been carried to their extreme limit.
These changes of the surface have probably increased the
mean annual temperature of the whole country".

Tragic how this has been known for so long.

Will read.
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Needs The Overstory by Richard Powers.
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Seconding Overstory. So great.
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Also The Social Life of Forests
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Ooh, these look like extremely interesting reads, especially Inside the Pacheedaht Nation’s Stand on Fairy Creek Logging Blockades by Sarah Cox. (It may take me a while to build up the emotional fortitude to read about the wildfires and the redwoods.)

May I contribute my own favorite book about trees, Wildwood, by Roger Deakin? Some previews are available online.

I do love trees. And good writing about trees.

Thank you for sharing this with us, storybored!
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Got beaten to Overstory!
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