Salon gives in.
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Salon gives in. Back to readability, baby.
posted by jaybarrow (8 comments total)
Somewhere the designer at Salon is saying "So what is it, the whole f**kin' internet is a committee on our design!?"

I wonder if we could harrass Yahoo into going back to their old design?
posted by DragonBoy at 1:08 PM on June 1, 2000

Consider this a flame. There is already a thread about the re-redesign. Yesterday. Pay attention much?
posted by bryanboyer at 1:34 PM on June 1, 2000

posted by corpse at 2:01 PM on June 1, 2000

Gee, and I thought the previous thread was the one about misanthropy.
posted by harmful at 2:31 PM on June 1, 2000

This isn't about being mean or being misanthropic, it's about be responsible, active, intelligent member of a community. Pay attention. Lurk if you have to. Learn the psuedo-rules that the MF members have established and abide by them. Double posting just increases the noise level around here, and that doesn't benefit anyone.

With a forum like this it's easy to be impulsive but please take a second to look around, at least check the last day's worth of posts.
posted by bryanboyer at 2:58 PM on June 1, 2000

Yes the entire Internet is run by committee. You post something, and other members of the committee will flame you on the slightest error that is made. It's been like this since the dawning of Usenet.

Personally, I read MetaFilter backwards, because that is the order in which it is displayed to me, and lurk or post as I feel appropriate. As a member of The Committee, I see no problem with that.

Eventually even the New York Times will have to cater to it. It's good to see Salon is working this physical law of virtual communication into their design changes. Now, if only they could work it into their editorial policies.
posted by ZachsMind at 3:29 PM on June 1, 2000

yeah, so i read MF backwards too. i'm also a person with less than perfect eyesight. luckily, however, i don't suffer from ADD.
posted by jaybarrow at 8:15 PM on June 1, 2000

I'm sorry what was that? I wasn't listening. *smirk*
posted by ZachsMind at 8:29 PM on June 1, 2000

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