Farah Janjua,
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Farah Janjua, a diverse photographer has many accomplishments in her field. Since her debut as a photographer in 1990, her work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions both national and international. Her most outstanding achievements include her photograph "Hopeless"(scroll down) being the only photograph from outside the United States published by The International Library of Photography in their book 'America at the Millennium' in the year 1999. My personal favorite is this picture named "Malang" on her official website.
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She has some beautiful work. I'm quite impressed.
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ma lang = my mother.
posted by mlang at 8:43 AM on August 19, 2002

Malang is a word from the Urdu language which means a mystic or maybe some one who has foresaken the world for a spiritual one. You can find these men and women of the spiritual world at the graves of almost all of the famous sufi saints.
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From my Urdu-English dictionary:
malang (H[indi]) n.m. A kind of Muslim dervish, who keeps long hair and leaves them [sic] uncombed; a dervish in ecstasy; a careless and inconsiderate person.

Those Sufi mystics sure get a bad rep...
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