S.K. Thoth
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S.K. Thoth is one of a kind. I used to see him around San Francisco, and last night I was surprised to see a documentary about him on cinemax. His material is inspired by the mythological world he created when as a youth, and his solo operas are amazing to behold.
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oh yeah? My favorite fantasy band is better than yours!
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My wife and I happened upon Thoth a couple of years ago in Central Park (we heard an unearthly sound coming from the general direction of the Bethesda Fountain and went to investigate) and were mesmerized; we had no idea who he was or what the hell he was up to, but we couldn't tear ourselves away. We're hoping to see the documentary. Thanks for the great links!
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You probably missed him on the Academy Awards (quite a sight) when that documentary was nominated and won an Oscar.
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I saw Thoth a couple of months ago in Central Park. A group of about 30 young French tourists seemed thoroughly puzzled by the guy.
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If Hank Azari and Iggy Pop had a love-child....

No question, I am heading right for the Bethesda Fountain next chance I get. The term 'magnetically disturbing' was coined for Thoth. Seriously. I just coined it. For Thoth.
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i have the documentary on vhs and would be happy to lend it to anyone.
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Sarah Kernochon and Thoth were on last Friday's Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC (an NPR station in New York City). Here's a deep link to the RealAudio stream.
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Not only was he at the Academy Awards (the documentary about him was nominated - and won!), but he got tackled by security guards on the red carpet who didn't realize he had a legit invitation. Where the hell did they think he was going to be hiding a weapon?

He was on the Tonight Show a few weeks later, so I decided to watch in spite of my great loathing for Jay Leno. Leno was pretty much an asshole - incredibly condescending and borderline-homophobic towards him, but it was worth watching to see Thoth twirling around in front of Leno's desk while Fran Drescher looked on, doing that big goose-honk laugh of hers.
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