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The Longlist of the Shortlist Music Prize. Last year's inaugural winners were Sigur Ros. The White Stripes can't win. Which of the nominating musicians and film-makers has taste that most reflects your own?
posted by liam (28 comments total)
Apparently, Alanis Morrisette and I both like Sparklehorse a lot.

This fills me with angst.
posted by Kafkaesque at 10:59 AM on August 21, 2002

Isn't it ironic? It's a wonderful life.
posted by Skot at 11:01 AM on August 21, 2002

no Flaming Lips?
posted by sid at 11:31 AM on August 21, 2002

Didn't look like there was one particular nominator that fit my taste, but I agreed with a whole lot of what was included.

I'm really surprised to see Tomahawk on that list. It's got to be the most average rock album I've heard in a long time (and when I say average, I mean not very good).
posted by me3dia at 11:35 AM on August 21, 2002

The Flaming Lips are nominated by Iggy Pop.
posted by liam at 11:36 AM on August 21, 2002

So, am I officially the only person that liked Plastic Fang?
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 11:40 AM on August 21, 2002

Flaming Lips also nominated by Spike Jonez. It's weird, because their list of things includes releases that came out in both 2001 and 2002, so there doesn't seem to be any really set in stone guidelines for nominating something). I found a couple people that I agreed with on some things, but mostly people just had their lists peppered with things that I found entertaining. If I had to make a list of top 5 things I've heard this year so far, it would be tough. The Antipop Consortium disc is excellent, as well as Wilco's new one, The Flaming Lips is good, as well as the little-heard gem by Do Make Say Think entitled "And Yet And Yet." Holy crap it's a good album. Same with the Notwist album "Neon Golden." I'll shut up now, though.
posted by almostcool at 11:44 AM on August 21, 2002

If Beck likes The Radar Brothers and I like the Radar Brothers, that must mean that Beck likes me! Cool.
Though I wouldn't be surprised if Wilco took the prize, in light of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot's now mythical Cinderella story.

So who do you actually think will win. I don't think the Radar Brothers stand a chance.
posted by UncleDave at 11:52 AM on August 21, 2002

Smart smart Kim Gordon has both the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and LeTigre. And the YYY's don't even have a full length album out yet. When it finally comes out this fall, it's going to blow everyone away.

Who's gonna win? The Doves and Wilco just aren't interesting enough. The Flaming Lips should get it for longevity. Zero 7 should get it for talent. Sparklehorse should get it for otherworldliness. Death by Chocolate should get it for being fantastic English mod poetry acid go-go music.

But: the Moldy Peaches are going to win on cool points.
posted by RJ Reynolds at 11:58 AM on August 21, 2002

I can't believe nobody nominated Every Day by The Cinematic Orchestra. It's by far my favorite album of the year thus far. Dan Nakamura nominated the inferior, mediocre Herbaliser album, also on the Ninja Tune label. [Snarky comment about quality control on Nakamura's own releases elided.]
posted by hilker at 12:25 PM on August 21, 2002

Jill Scott had the best selections - the hilarious new album from Masta Ace, J-Live's excellent CD, and N'dambi.

If *I* was on the panel, I'd nominate:
J-Live: All of the Above
Ash: Free All Angels
Binary Star: Waterworld Too
City High: self-titled
posted by Kevs at 12:26 PM on August 21, 2002

HAHAHAHAHA {fade into background}
That reminds me of this wonderful pitchforkmedia review.

Hmmm... I'd have to go for Aphex Twin.... although that Avalanches album was great.

The Vines? Sheesh....
I'll have to check out some of these other guys though....
posted by Espoo2 at 12:28 PM on August 21, 2002

some great albums on the list this year. I think it's wonderful that Iggy picked ...Trail Of Deads record. Easily one of my favorites from the year, recorded and live. You can't go wrong with the Super Furry Animals record (perhaps some of the best Beach Boys-esque harmonies Brian Wilson never wrote) and the Clinic record and the Wilco record and DJ Shadow etc etc.

However, I see a few problems with the list. The first one easily being Andrew W.K. Horrible!. The Avalanches record is good, but not the mix of the album released. There is a much better mix of the record (without cleared samples, as opposed to label release of cleared samples) floating around. Ryan Adams record was a real let down to previous work and generally not so great.

I've rambled enough now I think.
posted by robotrock at 12:43 PM on August 21, 2002

almostcool: That Do Make album is indeed terrific.
posted by saltykmurks at 12:58 PM on August 21, 2002

yankee hotel foxtrot?! uninteresting?!

rjreynolds, i don't mean to attack your taste, but can you explain that one for me?
posted by pikachulolita at 1:11 PM on August 21, 2002

Amen, me3dia. I thought I was the only one not completely apesh*t over Tomahawk. I'm so tired of Mike Patton's routine, and the rest of the team would sound better without the lush production, and maybe just a touch of Albini. Ah well.
posted by mikrophon at 2:36 PM on August 21, 2002

If I had money to burn, I'd put it on Wilco to win. They've got the momentum. Never mind that it may not be the "best" album of the year, or even the best album on the list; when voting time comes, everyone's going to pick YHF because of its backstory.
posted by monosyllabic at 3:10 PM on August 21, 2002

i thought norah jones should have got a mention, but i am happy that ugly cassanova, super furry animals and andrew w.k. got on :) i hope super furry animals win!
posted by kliuless at 4:15 PM on August 21, 2002

though there are a number of disappointing entries, it kicks the shit out of last years nominations, which were, mostly, poo.

to me, the best albums this year are Songs: Ohia's "Didn't It Rain," Lambchop's "Is a Woman," Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot," Bardo Pond's "Dilate" (though it came out two months too early to be elligible), The Von Bondies "Lack of Communication," Chokebore's "A Taste for Bitters" (oops, that one's 6 years old but hey, it deserves to be in the top list for every year), Thalia Zedek's "Been Here and Gone," The Handsome Family's "Twilight," Jackie-O-Motherfucker's "Liberation," and Lift to Experience's "The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads", released 3 weeks early.

I'm shocked the BTS record is on there. I'm a huge fan but that record sucks. It's the only one of theirs I don't still own. Same goes for that snoozer by B&S.

In a perfect world Songs: Ohia would be nominated. And win. The guy's released seven superb records in five years. I don't think there's a better songwriter currently recording.
posted by dobbs at 4:38 PM on August 21, 2002

That list was pretty decent, except for the Andrew WK. I'd say so far this year Super Furry Animals "Rings around the World" is my favorite, but there have been a lot of good ones so far this year (most of them on that list).
posted by stifford at 5:38 PM on August 21, 2002

So, am I officially the only person that liked Plastic Fang?

Quite possibly. Well, I liked it, and it was interesting to think of how Mr. Spencer relates to garage rock, but I don't think it was anywhere near as good as some of his last few albums.
posted by D at 10:31 PM on August 21, 2002

whoa. baz luhrman is a fan of def jux material. i just gained a lot of respect for that guy...
posted by joedan at 12:01 AM on August 22, 2002

I'm gonna put my .02$ in now.

Great records released so far this year.

1. Solomon Burke: "Don't Give Up On Me"
2. Bright Eyes: "Lifted..."
3. Nagisa Ni Te: "Feel"
4. El-P: "Fantastic Damage"
5. The Flaming Lips: "Yoshimi..."
6. Jenny Toomey: "Tempting"
7. June Panic. "Baby's Breadth"
8. Sonic Youth: "Murray Street"
9. Wilco: "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot"
10. The Notwist: "Neon Golden"
11. Jim O'Rourke: "I'm Happy, and I'm Singing, and a 1, 2, 3, 4"
12. Don Lennon: "Downtown"
13. Keith Fullerton Whitman: "Playthroughs"
14. Comet Gain: "Realisités"

And many more. But I have to work now.
posted by soundofsuburbia at 3:35 AM on August 22, 2002

I left out all great records released by swedish artists because I figured no-one is interested. Now I've reconsidered:

1. Nova Express: "One"
2. Sagor & Swing: "Melodier & Fåglar"
3. Pharadox: "PX"
4. Eric Malmberg: "En skattkista längst nere på botten av ett stort hav"
5. Meta Band:"I Wish That I Could Write at Least One Song That is as Good as the Moonlings 'Let's Sell All Our Records and Move Somewhere Else'"
6. Radio Dept: "Lesser Matters"
7. The Embassy: TBA
8. David & The Citizens: "For All Happy Endings"
9. The State of Samuel: "Swedish Metal Aid"
10. Audionom/The Sickoakes: Split 12"

Now I really have to work.
posted by soundofsuburbia at 3:49 AM on August 22, 2002

'playthroughs' isn't out yet, is it? i mean, i've heard bits, as keith doesn't keep it too far from view, but still...
posted by nonreflectiveobject at 5:07 AM on August 22, 2002

It's a great list, and I'm impressed by the breadth of work chosen, though maybe it could have done without Alanis's choices (apart from Sparklehorse).

Good to see DtA nominating the Belle and Sebastian Storytelling CD. They may have done nothing right over the last few years but that's one fine soundtrack, possibly the best thing they've ever done. And a good film too.

Shame there was no Jim O'rourke on the list, but I hope the Moldy Peaches win 'cos anyone in a bunny suit deserves a prize.
posted by ciderwoman at 5:08 AM on August 22, 2002

nonreflectiveobject: No, last time I checked it was going to be released on the 21st of october. I've only heard bits and pieces as well, but judging on how excellent they sound and how mind-blowing "2130 for acoustic guitar" is; one of my albums of the year, definitely.

I'd like to add the new one from Doug Martsch to my list as well. Ah, the joys of working for a music magazine.
posted by soundofsuburbia at 5:49 AM on August 22, 2002

The shortlist for this year's Shortlist:

Aphex Twin "Drukqs"
The Avalanches "Since I Left You"
Bjork "Vespertine"
Cee-Lo "Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections"
DJ Shadow "The Private Press"
Doves "Last Broadcast"
The Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots"
The Hives "Veni Vidi Vicious"
N*E*R*D "In Search Of…"
Zero 7 "Simple Things"
posted by liam at 4:01 PM on September 18, 2002

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