"Luminous language, imperishable lines."
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Sofia Samatar (The White Review, 11/2021), "Standing at the Ruins": "Placing these poems together, juxtaposing these different landscapes, gives me a sense of planetary mourning. Their elegiac power has intensified over time, for the world they assume will never change is no longer here today ... Imru al-Qays helps me imagine a capacious, crackling spiral, flexible enough to survive ..." English & Arabic versions. The Wanderer Project. "Climate Change in the Age of Numbing." Frankenstein 1818 & 1831 (diffs). Vesuvius in Eruption. Frankenstein in Baghdad excerpt 1 & 2. The Ruins. "Letter from Joanna." "Feeling Kinky about Environmentalism." Hydriotaphia, Urn Burial. Samatar previously.
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This is just to say Sofia Samatar is one of the best and it's bizarre to me that she doesn't get ten times more attention.

And thanks for the post.
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This was beautiful, thank you.
posted by congen at 11:07 AM on December 11, 2021

Really, everyone should read Hydriotaphia. It's one of the most remarkable things ever written in English.
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Gorgeous links thank you!
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what an extraordinary text. I’d come across the Frankenstein connection in Amitav Ghosh, but this roams to entirely further realms. thanks so much for such a discovery.
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