The Inky Depths #3: Pink See-Through Fantasia (Headless Chicken Monster)
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Damp greetings! Dip your toes back into the murk and discover the Pink See-Through Fantasia, a gorgeous sea cucumber with a visible digestive system! Splash this way!

In the Celebes Sea, in Western Pacific, dive down to 2500 meters deep, and you might find Enypniastes eximia, or the headless chicken monster (!) (or "the Spanish Dancer" or the "swimming sea cucumber"). A particularly lovely sea cucumber, it can walk along the bottom of the ocean using tentacles to grab food. This sea cucumber's intestines, mouth, and anus are completely visible from the outside!

Gorgeous video!

The Fantasia was discovered in 2007 as part of the Census of Marine Life. This decade-long scheme sent 2700 researchers from 80 countries on more numerous than 500 expeditions to all the world’s seas. The scientists applied robotic submarines & other tools to seek life forms that no person had ever seen before. The 2007 expedition got a look at the Celebes Sea. It’s part of an area known as the Coral Triangle in the westerly Pacific Ocean. Researchers from the U.S. & the Philippines recorded hundreds of living organisms, including numerous that no one had seen previously. That incorporated a type of worm that has tentacles that resemble a squid’s.

Despite their ability to emit light, they might remind some of a plumbus.


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I’m in love with the pink feathery feets! ❤️
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Cousin of the seaaaa piiiiiggg!

so mushy-mushy
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