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January 25, 2022 4:02 AM   Subscribe is a no-frills way of following your favorite authors. You provide a list of writers you like, and Bookfeed generates an RSS feed with their new books.

Goodreads (and its parent company Amazon) offer similar functionality, but I like the fact that Bookfeed gives me this info independently of the Amazon ecosystem.

That said, Bookfeed gets its title and author info from Google Books, so you're not entirely free of Internet giants. As Bookfeed's creator ( Metafilter's own Lukas Mathis) warns, "I’ll do my best to keep this running, but I don’t have any control over Google Books, so don’t yell at me when this goes down, or misses a book. Thank you."
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Thank-you! Am always conflicted using Goodreads. And it seems that it's recomendation system is just getting worse over time for discovering new books.
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Thank you - this is the one major piece of GR functionality I haven't satisfactorily replicated for myself anywhere else, this will be very useful!
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I've been using this for awhile and it's great. I've got it at the top of my Google Reader NewsBlur homepage.
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Amazon is the worst at this. I just want to know when a new book by an author comes out, but Amazon will tell me that the new book will be coming out in eleven months. Gee thanks, I'll try to remember that....
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Following a few authors here for a while. If your RSS feed reader lists in order by time date, some of these new releases will appear "new" (or fresh) in the past in your feed. Probably based on actual book release date instead of, as RSS gets it, when the entry hits the feed.
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This little tool looks cool!

Someone seriously needs to make a Letterboxd clone for books, so we can all ditch Goodreads forever. The Letterboxd app and site are both so thoughtfully and elegantly designed. Goodreads is a cluttered, clunky mess.
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The Storygraph, which I probably heard about here, makes a pretty good Goodreads substitute
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I learned there are a lot of authors named William Gibson out there.
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Interesting minimalist approach to security/authentication. Rather than having user accounts, anyone who has a link to a page can edit it, but URLs are long.
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Ooh, Letterboxd looks cool, oulipian! If it also let you track tv shows I’d be sold. Right now I just have a list in my iPhone notes app.

Second the frustration of not knowing a new book is coming out near the time it comes out so this is great!
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