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Marcel Duchamp archives have been put online by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and two international institutions.
The Archives; over 20,000 documents and nearly 800 museum exhibits all zoomable. Enjoy.
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Oh excellent! Duchamp is possibly my favorite artist.
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Ditto, Ayn Marx! This is fantastic!

errr...except that nothing is showing up for me.
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Dada’s home: organisations in France and the US launch vast Marcel Duchamp research portal.
A little more about this from The Art Newspaper.
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Oh booo - I can access the archives, but they only have one photo for Duchamp's "Étant donnés…" work, and it is just a picture of the door. The whole idea is that if you go the door and peek through one of the cracks in it, there is a whole elaborate scene behind it. I am stunned the archive didn't include that as a second picture.
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Empress - there are some 400 Étant Donnes related posts in the Museum Collections.
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Right, but you only see that if you specifically go looking for it. If you don't know about what the work is, and you're just browsing the collection, all you are shown is that photo of the door and that can easily leave someone who doesn't know about it to think "huh, it's just a door, big deal".
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