"The play of The Winter's Tale was this season commanded ..."
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Mary Robinson (1801), Memoirs of the Late Mrs. Robinson [1st ed.--all vols.]: "'By Jove, Mrs. Robinson, you will make a conquest of the Prince; for to-night, you look handsomer than ever.' I smiled ... and little foresaw the vast variety of events that would arise from that night's exhibition!'" Robinson's relationship, agreement, and settlement with future King George IV are historically-notable contexts to the concluding portion of her sometimes Gothic-themed memoirs. She was also a fashion icon (and perhaps ambivalent about it). However, her Gothic poems (e.g. "The Haunted Beach" & "Golfre"), her novels, her feminism [PDF], her personal experience of debtors' "Captivity," and her poems on subaltern populations and slavery--sharp responses to other Romantic poets [PDF] during an era contextualized in Bengalis in London's East End [PDF], "The Global Indies," and Black London [PDF; other formats]--remain notable today. Previously: 25 Playwrights and their Plays.
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Heaven holds a place for those who pray
Hey, hey, hey

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Many bookmarks for further reading!
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