A folk instrument that came from a foreign country called the past.
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The Open Reel Ensemble makes interesting music by directly manipulating slightly modified reel-to-reel tape recorders and other things. Often involving with magnetic tape strung across the room and hit with drum sticks.

I've posted about Ei Wada's Electronicos Fantasticos previously, but this is a new collaboration with a new concept and new people. Well, it's mostly the same people. But the project is new.
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that first Youtube link is worth the price of admission

thank you.
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Also of note, the same group has moved on from holding barcode scanners by hand to mounting them on the bottom of skateboards. (I think we're still waiting for the concert performance with really skilled skateboarders.) They also have a new and improved fantar.
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When Fetch The Bolt Cutters came out, I wondered what was making that sound on Rack of His. It turned out to be a Mellotron, which "is played by pressing its keys, each of which pushes a length of magnetic tape against a capstan, which pulls it across a playback head. As the key is released, the tape is retracted by a spring to its initial position."

This is a manual version.
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This is great. Thanks for the post!
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<3 this
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