The source of all flowers is a stunning manuscript page.
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At Islamic Illumination, UK-based Saudi artist Dr. Esra Alhamal hosts the annual Golden Flower Art Challenge! See everyone's completed flowers on Instagram! This year's floral templates are inspired by Mughal manuscript borders. Previous templates included Turkish plates in 2021 and Safavid Iranian textiles in 2020. And, as Dr. Alhamal says, have a creative Ramadan!
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Don't usually do Social Media. Was looking at the Instagram link for "everyone's", scrolling down. Then the page locked and said I had to login (or login to Facebook) to continue.

Was a surprise to me (see above). Guess I won't be looking at Instagram links anymore.
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aleph, ugh you are right. It's impossible to scroll through the whole set without an Instagram account. I opened the artist's post showing all the flowers in private window/incognito mode and was able to at least look at that single post. Try that maybe?

And as an apology, here's a Youtube video about the Golden Flower Challenge from 2019. (At least YT doesn't make people log in...yet)
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This is really lovely thanks for posting it! I enjoyed looking at everyone’s different results starting with the same template.
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No problems spamandkimchi. It was a good post, my peculiarities notwithstanding.
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Instagram has been preventing non-'grammers from looking for awhile now.
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"Instagram has been preventing non-'grammers from looking for awhile now."

Probably about the last time I clicked on an Instagram link. :)

Stopped looking at Twitter links when they recently blocked non-javascript viewing of the links. If it seems important enough (and it's non-media) I'll fire up Nitter for them but that doesn't happen often.
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These are lovely, and I would never have found them myself. Thank you for this post.
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