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Robert Morse, two-time Tony-winning actor, passed away on April 20th at age 90.

Best known in his youth for playing the lead role in the musical How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, he later won a second Tony award for his tour de force transformation into author Truman Capote in the one man play, Tru. He was a longtime cast member on Mad Men, where in his final episode, he showed that he still had the moves that made him famous in a fantastical song and dance performance of The Best Things in Life are Free.

From the AP article linked above: “He radiated a wicked joy; it was impossible to watch him without instantly sharing his giddy delight,” wrote playwright Paul Rudnick. Jason Alexander tweeted: “His work was infused with joy and it was joyous to be with him.”
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I was lucky enough to see Robert Morse live when he was touring Tru in the early '90s. It was an extraordinary embodiment that kindled a fascination with Truman Capote and introduced me to one of my early queer literary heroes. His be-socked portrayal of Bert Cooper in Mad Men was always a highlight of that show for me, but I will always associate him most with his quirky, funny, joyful performance in How to Succeed in Business....

May his memory be for a blessing.
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I just watched The Loved One recently. He was brilliant.
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I saw him on bway in How to Suceed....Great!
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I always thought it was funny that Mad Men sent off Bert Cooper, a cranky Ayn Rand capitalist, with "The Best Things In Life Are Free."
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Loved him in Mad Men. I've always been meaning to check out his earlier stuff.

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I'm stuck on the fact that he won Best Actor for both musical and play. A rare feat.

Godspeed, Robert. You always were my favourite.
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I was lucky enough to see him in Tru - he was amazing! It worked so well as a one man play because poor Truman had lost most of his friends by the time it was supposed to take place, and Morse did a sadly accurate job of portraying the loneliness he must have felt. I also remember that someone in the audience had a coughing fit at one point, and Morse nicely interacted with them without ever breaking character, then went right back on script.
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