Love can build a bridge/Don't you think it's time? Naomi Judd 1946-2022
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Naomi Judd, one-half of the musical duo The Judds with her daughter Wynonna, died April 30, 2022, one day before The Judds were to be inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame. (CW: suicide)

Today her other daughter, actress Ashley Judd, confirmed that the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot.

The daughter of a Kentucky gas station owner, Judd raised two daughters as a single mother, working first as a nurse before beginning her music career in 1983. The Judds recorded six albums between 1983 to 1991, each of them certified gold or platinum.

(Country Music Hall of Fame)
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I’m not clear on how the hepatitis affected things, but fuck mental illness.

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Suicide is a scourge. May her family find peace.

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It was Ashley Judd who found her mother's body, just a few minutes after they had embraced during a visit at her mother's Tennessee home. Ashley Judd said she stepped outside to meet a friend and when she came back inside she found her mother upstairs.

Oh dear God. That poor woman.
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Hell of a life. Peace be with her.
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I'm so horrified at it all. That she did it so Ashley would find her. That she literally couldn't wait for the Hall of Fame, or the tour, or anything else. That the family had to share what happened because otherwise it'll be blabbed for them. Just all of it's terrible.
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I am very sad to learn about this. Thinking of her family and loved ones, and hoping they find peace in their best memories of her.
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I feel like this will be flagged and buried but I would absolutely do the same in her shoes and really wish we could talk about this shit outside recriminations and religious and self harm frameworks.
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The black dog is a m-fer.

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(Outside the bit about having my child find me, that sucks)
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The black dog is a m-fer.

That voice that hates you won't stop until you're dead.
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Cocaine and Rhinestones (previously), the excellent history of Country Music podcast, has an excellent episode on Wynonna, which talks a lot about Ashley. It’s maybe not a kind portrayal, but in the context of the rest of the show’s themes about the completely unhinged effects of being famous—and the real costs incurred when someone who desperately wants to be famous actually actually achieves it—it’s a sympathetic portrayal.
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Yeah Ashley made the news rounds doing the interview thing. She visited mom every day when she was in town and mom asked her if she was going to stay around, she went to answer the door for another friend dropping by and went up to find mom dead. Naomi made sure for whatever reason to be found quickly by Ashley. Good planning in that way for good or bad. I can understand that bit. Probably because I'm also hill-folk. Not sure of any details or such, not much a country music fan enough to keep track of things except by proxy. Whatever the details, it's oddly appropriate in some way.

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I didn't listen to country back when they were huge, but they really were huge.

It's so sad that she got the fame and success she wanted -- and that her daughter made it even bigger as a movie star -- and that wasn't what was really at her. Our worst enemy is usually inside our head.

(And Jon_Evil, I just listened to a bunch of Coaine & Rhinestones episodes this spring, and I was hearing Tyler's voice in my head as I read this news.)
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24,245 gun suicides in the US in 2020. Jesus.
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My heart aches for people who feel this is the only way to stop their pain.

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At the end of the day there is no escape
the pain doesn't end when you do
it only passes along
when you die, you don't notice any further changes
when you take yourself to the gray lands you only ensure that what you are feeling now is your subjective forever

please do not to ask me how i know
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