Newton's cradle, Gangnam style
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SLYT, ~2 min. Metal spheres swinging and bouncing off each other in increasingly inventive ways, all synchronized to music -- idk, it's just a lot of fun to watch!
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Wow! I had no idea Newton’s cradles could do all those stunts!
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Conservation of momentum FTW.
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I'm impressed at how well that captured the rhythms of that song.
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I'll admit to letting out a little delighted squeal about 1:20. Very fun!
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That actually evokes the Gangnam Style video in a way that is difficult to explain.
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I am offended at how amused by this I am.
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Wonderful. They didn't even need side-side motion.
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My favourite is the 4-1.
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Way more cool than expected.

If you have not watched go for full screen cranked up.
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Roger Ebert once described a scene in a kids' movie as "funnier than it should be", and that's the best thing I can think of to describe this.
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Conservation of Gangnam
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I did not expect this to bring me so much joy.
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I really didn't think I would watch that till the end, once I got the basic idea. I really really didn't think I would be excited to show it to someone else just so I can watch them watch it. That was great!
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Look closely at stationary balls to see the performer's reflection and arm movements.
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Best of the web!
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Gangham Style is still a banger (and a mood lifter), even though I've heard it about 1M times.
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Remember when the song first started taking off? Good times!
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Seems to be my day for great music matches: The final dance scene in “Dirty Dancing” set to “The Muppet Show” theme.
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*This is good*

When I look back at the global popularity of Gangnam Style, and the incredible contemporary popularity of Korean media globally, I wonder if this soft power was an incredibly fortuitous biproduct of some government policies to support the arts, or a more intentional infiltration of the global consciousness.
Having watched Mr Sunshine, I am very much of the opinion that the people of Joseon and the Righteous Army are totally cool, and it makes me want to go there. There is a strong nationalistic vibe that runs through all the K-drama I have seen, but almost no animosity toward their northern cousins (although there is a running theme of the threat of annihilation). Money, crime, and specifically, corrupt politicians and inequality are targeted. I find the critique of capitalism somewhat perplexing, in that it comes from a country that has a very close, threatening, and weird, 'communist' neighbour. You might think that they would be making a point about how great their 'freedoms' are. Their exported culture seems more concerned with the uniting of family than attacking the projected ideology of North Korea.
Anyway, nice balls!
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Oh okay so apparently Gangnam Style is seven years old now, cool cool cool
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This is the first time I've actually tolerated listenening to the whole song. *thanks, physics!*
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Sorry, ikahime, but you haven't yet. This is an abbreviated version; the whole song is almost 4 min. long.
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I think , then, that the Invincible Force has met the Immovable Object.
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Oh okay so apparently Gangnam Style is seven years old now, cool cool cool

Actually turning ten this year but yeah, I feel you.
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