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Juicemaster – Jan's Theme (SLYT).
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Man, this stirs up feelings of nostalgia for something nostalgic. Nostalgiaception!
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I'm not sure if that was clear. I meant that it stirred up feelings of nostalgia for something that was, itself, nostalgic when it was new. I have nostalgia for a 1990s take on the 70s.
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No, I got it. Plus it's very '90s in its production values, right down to the 'Chicago' Mac font used with the bouncing ball.
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I wasn't sure if "feelings of nostalgia for something nostalgic" just sounded like "I'm feeling nostalgic for this thing that's worth feeling nostalgic about." I'm having one of those weeks when my brain doesn't work so good.

I knew I was getting old when The Brady Bunch stopped being everybody's go-to nostalgia thing and people started getting soppy about Full House and other stuff I was too old for when it was new. Now people are getting soppy about freaking Hannah Montana and in about 12 minutes there will be grown-ass adults reminiscing about when they were tiny tots watching The Villains of Valley View.
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A 20-year immigrant to the US wants to know -

Who's the blonde lady?
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Who's the blonde lady?

I'm kind of confused by the question. Do you mean the lead blonde lady or the blonde/ginger-ish lady that the lead blonde lady scuffles with? The lead blonde lady is the version of Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch movie reboot from the 90s. The blonde/ginger-ish girl is either meant to be Marcia Brady (but they couldn't get the actress who played Marcia in the movies) or just kind of a Marcia-ish, popular girl type.

It's also possible that you didn't understand that when the nerdy blonde Jan turns into the tough blonde babe in the leather jacket, she's just supposed to be Jan's cool fantasy self. She's not a new character or anything, she's what Jan wishes she could be.
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Was that Nick Offerman?
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