ayo frog got a band
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Sorry I couldn't find the reaction video on TikTok proper, I don't actually understand how to find anything on TikTok and I don't have an account.
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Er, I meant to add inveterbrates to this post too.
Q: if you could rename any bug, which one and what would you call it?

A: replace any “lesser” or “common” in bug names with “special little”

special little Eastern bumblebee (Bombus impatiens)
special little appleworm (Grapholita prunivora)
special little brown scorpion (Isometrus maculatus)
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This is adorable.

I love this sort of thing (the Ratatouille musical was another huge favorite), but TikTok never shows me any of it and I end up learning about them weeks later. How do I get TikTok's algorithm to know that I want to see this stuff (especially if I can see the collabs while they're still happening) when I never get served anything like it in the first place?
posted by Mchelly at 1:16 PM on August 11, 2022

special little froggy metafilter
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Mchelly, I think the algorithm may learn if you search for and like this kind of thing a few times. You may have to like any collaborative video for it to pick up that this is what you want to see.
Here's the route to frog Tik Tok.
I also miss out on all the fun stuff as my main account is all low viewer count political stuff, with occasional cooking. I have only myself to blame. And the algorithm.
Frankly, I am sick of the algorithm failing to show me any but three of the accounts I follow. I don't understand how that works.
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