“Do you want to make love to a sad old man?”
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Northern Boy”, by The Northern Boys. Liverpudlian Norman Pain and his mates Patrick and Kevin are having feelings. (SLYT, NSFW)
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This speaks to my soul.
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While the video itself says the track is "Northern Boy", the YT title and info elsewhere say the track's name is "Party Time". 🤷🏻
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This is surprisingly good - dark, funny, with genuinely good flow.
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I gotta go, I gotta take a number three
That's a piss and a shit and a wank in a tree


There's a genre of aspirational rap, all about designer clothes, fancy cars and jewellery. Fuck that, this is what I aspire to when I'm older.
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Number three is the best lyric - it sets up a tension with the first line (what the fuck is a number three) and then resolves it wonderfully.

My second favorite line is:
Bald, mean and full of beans
I've got a Yamaha keyboard drum machine

Which is a great mission statement lyric right there.
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This is what BBC Radio 2 should be playing
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Getting a bit of a Sleaford Mods vibe here.
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some music scares the old folks.
and some music scares those damn kids.
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After a slight bit of poking around I may be about to fall down a Norman Pain rabbit hole.
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This is my Royals.
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Who killin em in the U - K?

Estelle should jump on this for the giggles.
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From the same people who brought you Pete and Bas!

And featuring Patrick Karneigh Jr, who created one of the wildest EPs I've heard, about his twin brother who died.
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The end shot of Kevin really is the perfect ending.
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this had me with the dog cameo
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I may need the tShirt.
posted by aiq at 3:42 PM on September 21

This is so awesome. Thanks!!!
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I see your Sleaford Mods and I raise you MC Pitman
posted by Ardnamurchan at 11:58 AM on September 22

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