Six people who loved to watch television, but didn't like what they saw
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The SCTV Guide To Showbiz [1h58m] is a fan-created 2021 documentary that covers the entire history of SCTV, from before it happened until after it ended. Witness a bunch of beloved comedians when they were puppies! Marvel at their chutzpah! Delight in whatever it is they do! Note: This is not a clip show of favorites. It's a history of SCTV told by SCTV with SCTV lore included. Enjoy!
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I'm 20 minutes in and I'm thinking this would never be possible with today's real estate prices.
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I haven't heard Wagner in years without thinking "Vikings and Beekeepers!"
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CCCP TV forever!
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This is amazing; someone managing to put this together in a cohesive manner. The endless viewing of Youtube they must have done is almost frightening to think about.
I watched a lot of SCTV as a high school student and my gosh it holds up well. Some of the most brilliant satire of Show Biz I have ever seen.
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Man, this is such a wonderful labor of love! I watched a good chunk of the NBC episodes when they aired. It was pure oxygen to a lonely kid with no friends out in eastern Washington.
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I can't wait to watch this, huge SCTV fan
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Along these same lines, Dave Thomas' book SCTV - Behind the Scenes is pretty great. My local NBC affiliate preempted SCTV and showed old SNL reruns instead. Also did not show the original Star Trek. Still bitter.
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This is amazing!
My husband is one of those people who can recite whole scenes from SCTV, and he kills himself laughing while he does it. (Yes, I married him anyway.)
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↑Oh, the eponystery!
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"I'm gonna get me a mess o' chicken-fried steaks, put one in each pocket."
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