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Christmas carols and hymns as electronic instrumentals: a very 8-bit christmas by lowecase t - carols as chip tunes (via MeFi Projects); and LJ Kruzer's Christmas Carols - rendered in warm, glowing synths and organs
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No l, no l, no l, no l
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BIT SHIFTER // LET IT SNOW is still my favourite in this genre. Will either make your party of send everybody running for the exits (the whole album)
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Oh, if we're going to get into chiptune Christmas albums, I have to mention Professor Shyguy's album Merry Chipmas, which also comes as an intrumental album [basically karaoke tracks]. He's pretty innovative, does live performance, and I first heard of him when he did a cover of Janelle Monae's song Tightrope which was amazing. (In the original key, no less!)
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Ha, these are great. Nice work, ShawnStruck.
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My absolute favorite in this genre is 8​-​Bit Jesus by Doctor Octoroc, which smashes up Christmas carols with classic NES game music. Every track is a combination of one of each and it works.
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I'll always love the classic 8bitpeoples Christmas compilation: The 8bits of Christmas [ link]

If you like synth Christmas, there's always the classic Switched On Santa, and Ronnie Martin (of Joy Electric) has a new album of Christmas music this year.
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I've enjoyed Rush Coil's 8-bit Christmas album for many years, especially his renditions of O Christmas Tree, Joy to the World and Carol of the Bells.
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