Now Shady, now Sasha, now Riley and Toby ...
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on Janice, on Jasper, on Nero and Smokey! 🛷 Santa Paws Day 2022 at Dogs Trust Ireland — the one where all the dogs choose a toy.
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You go for it, Greg, don't let anyone tell you that duck is too big for you.
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I love when the dogs do a victory lap after picking a toy.

I also love the ones that have to check everything out whereas others just go straight for a toy and don't look back.

I look forward to this every year and it's always perfect.
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How do they know which toy is the right one of them?? (Though that penguin was standing in a clearing: I am suspicious!)

Thanks for posting this: I had forgotten how much I loved this last year!!
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These are always such sweet videos.
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This was heartwarming.
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Thank you for this! I like that Jasper chose the person behind the camera to be his toy, Nala just wanted to run, and Queenie chose ALL the toys.
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Just pure joy. Thanks!
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Nero's my other favorite after Greg - all businesslike and purposeful, "I knew what I wanted when I came in and I got it and I am just going to be on my way now, thank you all very much."
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ok my holiday season is complete
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Ohh. That's JUST what I needed.
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Here's the extended version, now uploaded.
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