The Metropolitan Man
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Always here for fanfic on Metafilter!

Without getting into the inside baseball politics of it, if you're annoyed by how has become virtually unusable there's also an AO3 link for the same story here.
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There's also a great quality audiobook / podcast version with a cast of different voices and some sound effects.

The story has excellent mechanics and is fascinating. But there is some disturbing stuff there that might not suit people looking for a fun read.
posted by TheophileEscargot at 10:15 AM on March 16

True. The ending is bleak.

It's also the best Superman (fan)fiction I've ever read though, so it's a little bit complicated to recommend.
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“I want them to enact sensible legislation, curb corruption, eliminate the incentives for crime, give their people shelter, food, and healthcare, at least where the free market won’t provide. I want them to educate their children and provide a structure for progress.”

So hard to get out from under the shadow of Red Son.
posted by rhamphorhynchus at 5:22 PM on March 16

Geez, that was depressing.
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Now this is a superhero movie I would watch.
posted by saladin at 7:03 AM on March 17

Great stuff, thanks!
posted by Rash at 3:39 PM on March 17

That's one of the best portrayals of Lois Lane I've seen. Just remarkable. And in general, the exploration, of what Superman would mean in reality, was just fantastic. I especially loved all the court cases mentioned. I think that would be a remarkable Superman anthology all on its own. A collection of legal cases that resulted from Superman's heroics.

Also made me think of Homelander from The Boys. In the show, Homelander never really stood a chance of being good. But that sort of power would corrupt anyone. Even Clark Kent would eventually become Homelander, at least in part, over time. Maybe Lex Luthor made the right call.
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I liked this a lot, especially Lois's initial reactions to Superman. Of course the actual reaction a person would have to being scooped up and flown away and having superpowers demonstrated to them would be terror and then careful, careful friendliness.

I also liked this story because you get a lot of clumsy fiction lately that's all "but what if Superman were BAD actually?" Homelander, Omni-Man, whatever the kid's name in Brightburn was. This story leaves Superman as trying to be the best person he can be but the mere fact of the power differential distorts and corrupts his relationship with the world and makes him a threat.

As soon as she knows his identity, there's no way for Lois and Clark to have a relationship untainted by the implied threat of what he could do, no matter how good a person he is acting like at the moment.
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