Video clips from the coronation (with the Succession opening soundtrack)
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SLYT What it says on the tin.
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When you got a lot of people in bright colored uniforms marching around against classic facades filmed from various angles plus one rather disappointing fly over, oh, well, you can make one Hella YT video.
Eye candy in motion. ka-ching!
This will be a channel soon.
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33 episodes in and I still hear “Pastime Paradise” every damn time
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that's very funny.
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This is exactly correct.
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God, please let Jesse Armstrong and/or Armando Iannucci take their Succession/Veep/Thick of It approach to storywriting to the British royal family next. I want The Crown, minus anything remotely resembling prestige, glory, honor, or respect.
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Ooh excellent use of the Wales's "home video" which looked so... off... to me until I saw it here with the correct accompanying music!

This is another good one -- pre coronation but royal family, complete with credits
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Gosh they even get most of the facial expressions right...
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