The music is the easy part
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New edition coming this fall: All You Need to Know About the Music Business
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Points, fees, PRO credits, mechanical and streaming royalties. Of course depending on your level of cachet, you might as a producer never see any money at all if the project doesn't recoup.
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I think any discussion of the music business should include some of the rantings from Bob Lefsetz. He is a prolific writer, sometimes a bloviator, but has a good handle on what is what. See his archive. Been writing the blog since 2005. His readership is large and diverse. Often his "mailbag" posts have responses from the artists, often name artists, themselves. He has been at it for a long while. He is in his 60s so he reminiscences about the good old days and when music was king, but overall, he has an accurate take on the business. He generally pulls no punches, but does, at times, do the suck up thing.

As a long time subscriber to his newsletter (via email), I do get frustrated when he veers from music and goes into his political rants. Although, he is a lefty and hates Trump. I am not a big TV streamer, but my gf says his recommendations on what to stream are good.

Anyway, after a quick review of Chris Castle's blog, the two seem to compliment each other in that Lefsetz is writing about more macro things and Castle seems to be writing about more micro and technical things.
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The new paradigm (Doonesbury, 29 June 2014).
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all my favourite bands were unrecouped
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Or you could get Steve Albini to record your band.
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