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[MLYT] Drue Langlgois' courageous cartoon clean-up crew, The Dudes of Hazmat, have completed their latest weird adventure, Doorway of the Devourer. You can watch all four adventures (and three music videos) to date here. It's reminiscent of Sam and Max in that there's bizarre situations, a nonetheless strong character focus, and a Weirdly Specific Vibe (different to Sam and Max's).

You may know Drue Langlois from his other series, Plague Roach, or from his work for The Minute Hour.
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Shoebody Bop has been posted before and should come with an ear-worm warning.
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Thank you, I am getting extremely Early Flash Animation Vibes from this in a good way.
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I'm constantly quoting Something Terribly Offensive to myself like some kind of insane person. I bap him on the head with my head!
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Ha, I was introduced to the Shoebody Bop video around two months ago by Reddit (peace be upon it) and since then I’ve listened to that song about ten times a day (zero to two times via my ears, the remainder in my fevered brain). I’ve watched some Dukes of Hazmat as well, but not the full story so far—I’m excited to dive in and surrender even more of my mental runtime to it!
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So many great lines! Thanks for posting this!
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I am religiously devoted to this stuff
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This taps in to some specific pleasure receptor in my brain so delightfully, I love it.
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Just shotgunned Portal of Plenty, and holy crap is it great. Shoebody Bop is like a scene from the parallel universe version of O Brother Where Art Thou?.
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This gave me instant Apollo Gauntlet vibes, but the craft of the creators has improved in a decade.
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