The Dark Forest
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wellifyouinsist has been making a dungeon synth album and posting the songs to MeFi Music as she composes them, and it's now available on Bandcamp as The Dark Forest! [via mefi projects]

It's melancholy and has a tone-poem feel — that is, there is a vibe that a story is happening. It's also cozy and at times borders on comfysynth.

Dungeon synth is a subgenre of lo-fi ambient music that often sounds much like old CRPG soundtracks. It has a history that connects it to both black metal and dark ambient music. Here's an introduction to its history.
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Gimme that gimme that dungeon sound! I love the DS vibe and it creates a great tabletop gaming backdrop, or just chill moody night vibes.

If you're looking for more of that mood, Bandcamp has a bunch of tasty roundups like this and this, or you can just crawl the genre tag and get weird on whatever strikes your interest. And from there you can start poking in the very wild corners of genre intersectionality, like the full on Halloween vibes on This Tape Is Haunted!, or the absolutely delicious crypt-hop jams of Werepanther describing the execution of a fantasy-flavored Ocean's 11 style heist.
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My next writing session has a new soundtrack. Really lovely stuff!
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I was particularly fond of Refuge in the boughs of the ancient oaks.
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That is splendid music, wellifyouinsist. Just what I needed.
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ouch, the light, it burns me in my loamy den lol Thank you for posting ignignokt! It's the first time I've really been putting my music out there, and this response is so validating thank you all :)
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More, please, wellifyouinsist!
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