This possum the size of a human thumb is helping to pollinate flowers
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This possum the size of a human thumb is helping to pollinate flowers. The western pygmy possum is notoriously difficult to find in the wild, but researchers have found traces of it in Western Australia's Goldfields using a technique they believe could help tackle biodiversity decline.
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Thank you tiny adorable pollinator squeeeee
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An inspiring example of how anyone can be a pollinator if they’re not a coward.
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That possum should get some friends to help.
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This is super , thanks for posting ccbc.
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Itsy bitsy eenser beenser.
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I just attended a little talk about animals, and our north American opossum was discussed. They're great, they eat ticks, they make scary faces, & when they involuntarily "play dead" they poop and pee themselves and exude a third foul-smelling substance.
Someone asked if there were other possums in the world, and our presenter kinda paused and said "...yeeeeessss...". When she told us the Australian opossum was very different from ours, there was a strange tone in her voice. Warning, maybe a little regret?
I see now.
Australian opossums are wicked cute.

I will comfort myself by learning about environmental DNA, which is very neat
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