"I'm not going to let anybody see you"
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Hadn't seen that one before.

My favorite reading of that poem is by Harry Dean Stanton.

A block from me there's a bar called The Bluebird. I always assumed it was named after this poem. Finally, I asked the owner. She'd never heard of it.
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yesterday I was watching bluebirds on my break trying to prevent other birds from the feeder. how Cardinal waits patiently when the woodpecker jutes in, harmony in 3:12.

yea, I've come late to bukowski. have a little short list of videos and the Harry Dean one was near the top and this one was released today.
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yea, I've come late to bukowski.

If you come early to bukowski you die of alcoholism before you're 40.
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perhaps you're thinking of Shelley. I have no doubt bukowski might blow up a tree stump with gunpowder, but the occult?
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One of his best. Works great on its own. Works even better if you know his reputation (which was, for the most part, well-earned; he was a wreck of a person and often abusive).
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A very good reading. Thank you for this one, clavdivs.
And thanks for that one, too, Dobbs: faster, more aggressive.

(looks fondly at his Black Sparrow stack)
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My main lesson from Charles Bukowski is to listen to lots of Gustave Mahler, especially the slow symphonies.
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