I'm really not sure you can actually script this
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In so funny and cute🤣!The kitten took the rooster on an outdoor trip.The happiest rooster in the world [8m11s], a cat takes a rooster on a walk down to a lakeside. I don't think you can engineer this happening. It's a cat. Once they get there, the cat begins tasting the rooster but does not horribly eat them. They seem to be friends. It's a happy video.
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Cat and Rooster Are Friends…

Sweet as foretold
posted by Windopaene at 8:40 PM on December 30, 2023

I like the mammal/dinosaur dynamic. It also reminds me of following my son around huge parking lots when I've forgotten where I left the car. (My son would make the obvious joke here)
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This is may do something to my algo; it'll definitely be stuck in my head, a cat grooming a rooster on a rocky beach. That's a very patient chikkijn

Keep it random, Metafilter.
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I think Cat knows Rooster is not to be fucked with. Better to just go for a walk and check out the lake. Some crazy shit down by the lake. Love the Rooster keeps flapping the wings. “Bro, I can fly…”
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It doesn't say it, but I think their names are Hunt and Peck.
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Those would certainly be true to type.
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Thats a pretty kitty. Bok!
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I skipped ahead to the licking part. In my experience of roosters, that cat is lucky to still have eyeballs.
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As a formerly naive backyard poultry owner whose own eyeball was once apparently mistaken for some form of juicy mollusc, and who therefore no longer attempts to cuddle hens, I concur.
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