A cat named Fraggle Rock
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First 2 weeks of bringing home Fraggle Rock from the shelter, Week 3, and commencing Week 4: daily illustrations by an artist on Tumblr. More on their Fraggle Rock tag (the cat not the show)
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This is lovely! Thank you for sharing. Makes me want to draw cats
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⭐best post⭐
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My bestie and I are Confirmed Cat Ladies. I will send this to her because it is a wonderful wild ride to live with absolute weirdos whose motivations can be mysterious and ridiculous. As crappy as the world can be at times, when I look at cats (not just my own), I realize that any universe that has them in it is pretty fucking incredible place to be.
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This is great, thanks for sharing. Really captures the joy of watching a pet relax and bloom as they get used to their new home.

Also, Fraggle Rock is an A+ cat name. Dance your cares away, worries for another day..
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Man, cats rule!
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Best thing to start the day with! I love the increased detail on Fraggle Rock as her person gets to know her more.
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We fostered a litter of six (actually two litters of three from two moms in the same yard) from October until just last week. I was starting to get over my empty nest syndrome, but now I’m relapsing a little bit.
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Man, cats rule!

Dogs drool!
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Day 18 reminds me of when we brought our latest pair of semi-feral bus-stop-rescue chaos goblins home, they installed themselves at the top of our 3m tall bookcases and refused to come down. They were so unused to people that I had to retrieve them wearing chainsaw gloves after they demonstrated that they were fully prepared to mess you up bad if you tried to move them. Six months later though they are way more chilled, sleep right next to me most nights, and one of them is getting positively friendly. Gaining a wary cat's trust is such a rewarding thing.
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Excellent way to start the day; thank you for posting this!
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Needed that today. Thank you for posting.
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I had caught weeks one and two but hadn't seen that it continued. Thank you for bringing this extremely important news to my attention!
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I feel like Fraggle Rock obviously jumped up on the counter first, then the top of the fridge, then to the top of the cabinets!
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awww Fraggle Rock. such a great name and such a great kitty. my Bella used to loooove to play soccer and fetch with ice cubes and still gets excited when I get ice from the fridge door.
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(this is something my two will also have Loud Opinions about)
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I was a bit ho hum until I got to the one where Fraggle Rock brings his person gifts in the night and then I kind of lost it.
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I could not love this more <3
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The cat is adorable.

My boyfriend and I refer to Pomeranians as Fraggles (because neither of us could remember Fizzgig's name) and seeing a cat named Fraggle Rock was a bit of a surprise! (A pleasant surprise, of course.)
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Yay! Thank you, BB!

Current state of Week 4
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