Tremendous Success and Terrible Failure
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"The narrative structure of Gorey Stories is as unconventional as Dracula is predictable. The show creators had difficulty wrapping the show in a recognizable narrative package, trying to present the short stories in a way that brings them together in some sort of whole. There is no discernable narrative [SLPDF]." More on Gorey and Dracula. Gorey and Dracula: playset edition. Gorey: the stage memoir.

Gunn, Tony. "Tremendous Success and Terrible Failure: The Broadway Shows of Edward Gorey." Popular Entertainment Studies 8.2 (2017): 73-88.
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Should have added to main post: Goreyana on Gorey Stories.

Personally, I'm holding out for a three-hour adaptation of The Willowdale Handcar.
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VR or XR version of Gashlycrumb Tinies.
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Any discussion of this production needs more stills of Jeremy Brett, who played Dracula in the touring production (bonus stills of Raul Julia).
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Thanks for posting, I read the whole dang thing. I can see how Gorey Stories wouldn't land with Broadway audiences the way Dracula did; what was the comment towards the end? something, "fans of Grease and The Whiz"

Filthy perverts hold out hope for The Curious Sofa (begins shrieking uncontrollably....)

xtra thanks for the eye candy, ikahime!
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Raul Julia and Jeremy Brett played Dracula in this? I wish I'd seen that.
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The original production premièred in New York on October 5, 1927 in the Fulton Theatre starring Bella Lugosi in the title role.

I fully endorse this rewrite of history.
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Gorey fans in the DC era should keep an eye out for the occasional revivals of Cabaret Macabre, by Happenstance Theatre. While not directly based on one of his texts, they are definitely inspired by his work and totally delightful.
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Oooh, I have a copy of the playset, as yet unplayed with. I must dig it out and play with it, doing all the voices
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