BBC Africa Eye investigates TB Joshua
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I hadn't heard of Nigerian charismatic pastor TB Joshua [Wikipedia] until I heard his name floating about during overnight BBC World Service radio programming recently. I looked around and found this: Disciples: The Cult Of TB Joshua, three episodes from BBC Africa Eye [~50m each, YT Playlist, CW: descriptions and depictions of religious manipulation, sexual and physical abuse, other cult leader behavior].
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I had the exact same experience, awake at 3 am and listening to the BBC last week. I looked up and found this series. No, TB Joshua wasn’t some backwoods preacher. He had the largest church and was the toast of a lot of political and religious leaders, and he had a huge following. It was his unacknowledged daughter who finally helped to bring him down, at the risk of her life. Loads of CW, but seeing how religion can corrupt is a story that must be told.
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I heard that program, too, and it was horrific in its details.
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