So how would you spend your retirement?
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So how would you spend your retirement? In the grand tradition of the backyard Falcon and Gundam (link in Flacon thread), a retired Canadian Navy officer built a German submarine. In his garage. With "egg poaching cups and a motor from his wife’s blender", among other items. Sadly, he died before its launch. (more inside)
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And please, no comments on this being a fine addition to the Canadian fleet, even if it’s likely the only one that works. The Canadian Navy has a proud history, including perhaps the only aircraft carrier named after a bird sanctuary.
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I plan to spend my retirement in a pleasant, many-windowed house located near water, playing golf each morning, spending long afternoons in my library, then in the evening enjoying the myriad excellent restaurants in town and capping off each night with an exellent glass of port.
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I also plan to continue to overuse the word "excellent," and to spell it in as many ways as possible.
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Building 1/7 scale little depth charges.
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"Harold Eckhardt died of a heart attack July 3 at 71. But after being diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1981, he took up a project that would keep him alive for another 21 years.

I'm sorry, but that is just the wierdest way to describe the last 21 years of a person's life that I've ever seen. Ever.
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More pictures would be nice. Too bad most news like this is still spit out to the net with the same content as the print version.
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