How many bathrooms have Neanderthals in the tile?
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I mean, that's cool but I sure as he'll wouldn't want a visible mandible there in the floor to have to look at when I'm sitting on the john. That tile was handled multiple times by folks before getting set in the floor. How did nobody notice and pull it earlier? I mean I get it, I'm weird: I was waiting for a plane this morning and getting all hot and bothered by the mismatched grain of the ash parquet at my gate. But a human jaw?
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The DM is just using the deluxe random treasure table.
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Yeah, I'm deeply surprised that one of the workers laying the tile didn't put it aside, either because it was cool and they wanted to keep it for themselves or because they didn't want complaints from the owner. Apparently fossils are quite common in travertine, though, so maybe they were just blasé. Though usually the fossils are less interesting than a hominid mandible.
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Dietrich Mania is a terrific name.
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One of the comments said it might be 200,000 old; that really blew my mind, I wouldn’t mind my jaw being part of someone’s bathroom tile 200,000 years from now.
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At least one too many
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I wonder where his middle finger is?
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I don't know. I can imagine someone casually glancing at the rock and missing it. I don't know if I would have clocked that as a jaw without someone drawing my attention to it.
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