Storytelling through dance
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KIRINJI - 時間がない (Jikanga Nai) is a super-simple music video of a guy dancing. The dancer/choreographer is also on instagram.
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So I'm learning Japanese (very slowly) and that was just about right at +1-level (or maybe +2) difficulty for me. Enough to pick out some of the lyrics and go "hm, this doesn't sound like a happy song at all."

Thanks for the practice!
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Trained on "Weapon of Choice" I was expecting more flying.
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Yes well that was mesmerizing
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Really lovely. Thanks for sharing.
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Cute, and not at all...cringey
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Fantastic! Theme and vibe reminded me of "Once In A Lifetime" in a good way. Life really does sneak up on you.
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Over the years, I have shared this with many people, and everyone is just, meh. So disappointing. I personally think this is a completely thrilling, subtly strange and courageous performance art piece or whatever you want to call it.

There's no time - Kirinji

How many times left to see you?
How many songs left to write?
How many meals left to have?
Today might be the last day of my life
Seasons are rushing through
The window display

Spring, summer and autumn
The main street is turning into the color of this year
The city is changing
Our dreams are transient
Although flower petals fall in the rain
I'll sing songs for you
If it can make you smile

People say goodbye with no reason
Even ourselves are transient
I may lose sight of something important
So let me tell you of my love
All the lovе I have now

My mother has not gone sеnile
My son doesn't go to school today again
I've got a mortgage and
I'm yet to see the world at all
It seems that I've already spent
Halfway through the eternity
How do you feel?
I've only got a half, that's too short

The city is changing
Our dreams are transient
Although banknotes are spent for nothing
I'll give a whistle
Come in, dance with me

Fireworks in the distance are fading as well
I may lose sight of something important
So let me tell you of all what I saw
I have a lot of things
I'd like to learn
And I'd like to do

Spring, summer and autumn
How do you feel?
Let's imagine the color of tomorrow
Shooting stars, sparkling snow
Flames reflected in your eyes
Petals are gone, forests are shining, ah

People say goodbye with a quick wave
Even ourselves are transient
I may lose sight of something important
So let me tell you of my love
All the love I have now
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I often imagine this as a businessman at the wedding reception for a distant niece. He is sort of going through the motions on the dancefloor, but gradually connects with his spirit from decades ago when he was trying to make it as a professional dancer. Obviously that’s such a literal description, but the way it is executed in dance and the little moments of unlocking a forgotten movement, or the gradual build up to the moment when both feet come off the ground, it is just so perfect and emotional and wistful.
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In case any of you are interested, Kirinji featured on the second episode of Tiny Desk Japan, which came out last month. You can catch the performance here.
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