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Intresting.... Took me a while before I realized what was going on, but still quite cool
posted by delmoi (15 comments total)
hhmmm.... that IS "intresting." In a frekky sort of whay.
posted by bradth27 at 8:18 AM on October 5, 2002

"32. Saskia" (the first set you linked to) sort of looks like a UFO crash.

I smell a movement. Takin' flip-flops from the beach house to the arthouse...
posted by agentfresh at 8:32 AM on October 5, 2002

Oddly compelling.

And 'oddly compelling' is an oddly compelling phrase, now that I think of it.
posted by Shane at 8:46 AM on October 5, 2002

My favorite.

The flamingos are nice. Someone planted 100 of these in my yard last year, with a sign saying I had to donate money to charity in order for them to be removed. I just left them there, thought they were nice.
posted by bradth27 at 8:51 AM on October 5, 2002

Oddly compelling.
inspiring, too.
posted by quonsar at 8:51 AM on October 5, 2002

At first glance I thought it was a flying life raft. Here is a link to the site...Flip Flop Flyin
Kind of fun at first glance. Check out the Saturday Morning cartoons ;)
posted by jaronson at 8:55 AM on October 5, 2002


Your shoes seem way too excited.... my shoes just want to sit back, enjoy the weekend, and read a good book.
posted by bradth27 at 9:18 AM on October 5, 2002

I see someone is just as much a sucker for LOMO as I am.
posted by mokujin at 9:30 AM on October 5, 2002

well they almost had me until i saw this one. they're not flying! someone is throwing them!
posted by dobbs at 9:46 AM on October 5, 2002

That LOMO stuff looks like fun. It seems to be a community based on a particular brand of camera company? (I'd email you, but your address isn't on your profile.)
posted by jaronson at 10:00 AM on October 5, 2002

Great post, especially after all the news links lately. Also interesting to see people's native habitats, much like the mirror project.
posted by jragon at 10:30 AM on October 5, 2002

Ever wondered what to call a Frenchman wearing sandals?

Phillipe Phillope.

This site makes me want to dig out my own flip flops and get snapping. If only I owned a pair of flip flops.

jaronson, the lomography about page gives a pretty good rundown on LOMO cameras
posted by MUD at 10:44 AM on October 5, 2002

great site, but ewwww - why does a lomo camera have to become a lifestyle option? they were nice solid little cameras (i was going to add cheap, but i see 160 dollars). now they're objects that say something about you...
posted by andrew cooke at 12:28 PM on October 5, 2002

Be sure to visit the rest of flipflopflyin', there's some classic stuff there.
posted by inpHilltr8r at 1:27 PM on October 5, 2002

1. Why did it take delmoi a while to realise that a sight called "flip flop flying" featured photos of flying flip-flops ? Am I missing something ?

2. Why would one imply ( "but still cool" ) that something that takes one a longer time to comprehend is less cool ?
Is W. Bush very cool and Bill Clinton uncool ? Is addition cool and infinity uncool ? Are Hearsay cool and NIrvana uncool ?

[ BTW: I have just purchased the rights to the french sandal joke - no-one else may tell it, or they will be hearing from my lawyers ]
posted by godidog at 5:52 PM on October 5, 2002

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