Hooray for Putty!
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Hooray for Putty! Springboarding on Japanese ingenuity, Crazy Aaron has added "faking out fingerprint scanners" to the long list of wacky uses for Thinking Putty. This new plug for putty was adapted from a much longer article from Dan's Data.

And to think I just used the stuff to lift images from comic strips...
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posted by Hackworth at 2:28 PM on November 6, 2002

Is every engorged penis unique, like a snowflake? With so many academics on Metafilter, I'm sure there is someone here who has intimate knowledge of this subject.

If so, it could be the ultimate security solution. Some clever raconteur de espionage may crack this, too, and I have a fairly good idea how they might pull it off... Still, it's better than anything we've got today. They're probably using this technology in the Pentagon as we speak.

OT note: Do not be offended by this. I don't really think "academics" are obsessed with penises, and I'm not insulting anyone here. As for the "insert engorged penis" identity scanner, that is a great idea, and one which the Halfbakery (which I assume is representative of the hardcore pseudo-intellectual "online community") would shout down in minutes. You just wait and see, though. I'm going to market this idea to the Cuban Government, and make more money than Lee Harvey Oswald!
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