November 8, 2002
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As part of March's National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 2003, the Cancer Research Foundation of America will lead a nationwide, 20-city Colossal Colon Tour from March 2003 to October 2003.
posted by LinusMines (6 comments total)
i'm all for preventive education... but the phrase "colossal colon" makes me distinctly uncomfortable.

sounds more like a high-intensity flume ride.
posted by totee at 10:11 PM on November 8, 2002

When given the opportunity to go through it, I wonder how many people say "I'll pass."
posted by George_Spiggott at 10:20 PM on November 8, 2002

If you're ever in Philly, you can really take this literally... (um, NSFW? not sure...) Eech.
posted by tss at 10:21 PM on November 8, 2002

It's coming to my town! My ass is so there.

(are there going to be random polyps in the super fun colon ride? do kids get bonus gifts for finding them?)
posted by mathowie at 11:15 PM on November 8, 2002

*rubs eyes, pulls out bottle of whisky, shakes head, throws whisky bottle over shoulder*
posted by backOfYourMind at 4:56 AM on November 9, 2002

I agree bOYM...what in the world were they thinking? Finding this very disgusting.
posted by SweetIceT at 7:11 AM on November 9, 2002

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