Enter the Stick Figure!
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Enter the Stick Figure! The lastest XiaoXiao stick figure game (Number 9, I believe), a sort of Double Dragonish thing this time around. Three cheers for flash friday.
posted by unreason (11 comments total)
Doesn't seem to like Chimera...
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood at 12:36 PM on December 6, 2002

this thing is extremely buggy.
posted by angry modem at 12:43 PM on December 6, 2002

Kills IE 6 on XP, it would seem.
posted by Kiell at 12:45 PM on December 6, 2002

Meh. Nice for flash, but he's done better.

There are 9 of them? I only remember 4 or 5. Do you have links to all the other violent goodies he's churned out?
posted by Hildago at 12:45 PM on December 6, 2002

Here you go!
posted by Pretty_Generic at 12:50 PM on December 6, 2002

I like it how he has '1UP' there the whole time, while the Guy= number keeps changing. He must think '1UP' means 'Player One' or something.
posted by lbergstr at 1:53 PM on December 6, 2002

There are only 8 editions of XiaoXiao on the official site, and this is hosted on hackernetwork.com. It's an obvious fake...


posted by StrangerInAStrainedLand at 3:21 PM on December 6, 2002

I've seen other xiaoxiao shorts on Hackernetwork.com, Stranger. I think it's a legitimate mirror.
posted by Hildago at 4:26 PM on December 6, 2002

Three remains the classic.
posted by linux at 5:49 PM on December 6, 2002

If you get about halfway behind the main guy you can punch him over and over and over until he dies, it might be hard to get him there, and you have to pause *slightly* between hitting the punch button so that your stick guy continues punching and doesn't do a combination move that will throw off this whole strategy.
posted by banished at 7:31 PM on December 6, 2002

This sucks. The others are a LOT better.
posted by Orange Goblin at 5:03 AM on December 7, 2002

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