No-Hit Wonders
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No-Hit Wonders Ever hear of Thuh Sqwamps? How about Rhinoceros Snot? Perhaps you're familiar with King Solomon's Minds? Not ringing any bells? Of course not. These are all local garage bands from the 1960s that would have fallen into pure oblivion if it wasn't for the My First Band web site. Several of the stories are so bizarre that a very entertaining movie could be made out of any one of them.
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Oh, man. *wipes tears from eyes* These are priceless.

My favorite so far is Tim-Tam and the Turn-Ons--how did "Zorba the Greek" miss?
posted by hippugeek at 7:16 PM on December 9, 2002

I like the business card for the Lyzzerds. They weren't about to let any obstacles stop them. On a side note, I'm still waiting for the story of The Monks to be made into a movie.
posted by snez at 7:34 PM on December 9, 2002

When trying to score a gig at the local "teen center," it must have been awkward to hand out a business card proclaiming "Expand your mind to the sound of Rhinoceros Snot."

jonp72, this is a find, my friend.
posted by samuelad at 8:28 PM on December 9, 2002

Speaking of 60's bands. I remember finding a magazine from the 60's, seeing a small write up on a band called "The Swinging Blue Jeans".

I'd always wondered what happened to all these old bands. Looked them up on google... and I was shocked to find out they're still playing. Never give up guys.
posted by bobo123 at 12:26 AM on December 10, 2002

Amazing link. Thanksthanksthanks.
posted by soundofsuburbia at 8:13 AM on December 10, 2002

I think today is a good day to revisit humorous band photos. Huzzah for the brick wall!
posted by anitar at 8:39 AM on December 10, 2002

The story was told best in the The Ben Vaughn Combo's "My First Band." To wit: "Although we only knew how to play one song / Sometimes we played it four hours long."
posted by whuppy at 9:14 AM on December 10, 2002

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