Anonymously written freeware lets YOU bust a Napster/Gnutella user.
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Anonymously written freeware lets YOU bust a Napster/Gnutella user. Anonymously written by the RIAA, no doubt.
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that is awful, that is just plain awful
I don't know what to say
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of different media to put the responsibility back to the offending users. The current version supports Napster and Gnutella services ...

giving you enough identifying information to either submit a ban on the users from the service

How do you Ban a Gnutella user?
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NOTE: The public version of the Media Enforcer software does have limits- the
Napster service will not return user names, and the Gnutella service will return
incorrect IP addresses. This is done so Media Enforcer will remain a tool for
anti-piracy, and not a piracy search tool.

For a copy of the full version, simply email us with a short description of who you
are and your intended use of the software. We will evaluate the request, and
respond promptly.

Yeah, this looks really useful. I feel payware coming up....

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There's been some mention of this over at Wired News, too. Some stuff about the guy who wrote it starts near the bottom of the first page.
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