Bill Mauldin, Cartoonist
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Cartoonist Bill Mauldin Dead at 81. Mauldin was the creator of the every-GIs Willie and Joe during WWII and twice won the Pulitzer Prize.
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And if you don't know him from his own work, you may know the name from its frequent mentions in "Peanuts." Snoopy liked to jump off his dog house on Veteran's Day and go quaff a few root beers with Bill Mauldin.
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I'd known about his WWII cartoons for a long time, but I didn't know he was the youngest to ever win a Pulitzer (at 23) and didn't realize he'd drawn this after JFK was assassinated.

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turbodog, normally I (and many other MeFi'ers) frown upon posting images within threads, but I really appreciate that one. Thanks.
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Sigh on copyright law as I'd really love to go look at all his work. The sampling on the link was quite interesting.
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rudyfink: I had a bit of trouble finding more than 1 or 2 cartoons in one place. However, it looks as if the US Library of Congress will put them online eventually.
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One of my personal heroes since I read his autobiography The Brass Ring in childhood. Repeatedly.

My all-time favorite cartoon of his is from early in his civilian editorial career. Two elderly German men in one's library are soberly looking over the nearly-empty shelves. Says one: "Nothing left but nursery rhymes, Herr Schlinker. My collection was purified by Hitler and then decontaminated by the Allies."
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Peanuts references aside, my first exposure to Mauldin
was watching him in an adaptation of The Red Badge of Courage.

Willie and Joe also earned favorable reviews in the
celluloid adaptations Up Front and Back at the Front.
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Another funny: Willie and Joe in a foxhole with a field telephone. Ominously, a German tank is parked smack overhead. Joe peers upward anxiously as Willie says over the phone, "Able Fox Five to Able Fox. I got a target, but ya gotta be patient."
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The image that turbodog posted was imitated heavily by other cartoonists post-9/11. Political cartoons nowadays are so cluttered up with text that they might just as well be editorials, but simple images can be the most evocative and powerful.
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Damn...Hirschfield, now Mauldin.
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Damn...Hirschfield, now Mauldin.

*Sigh* Exactly. Here is a good article on War-Toons, of which Mauldin was the centerpiece. Interesting quotes by Will Eisner, Milton Caniff and Mort Walker. See also: Male Call by Caniff, with an introduction by Mauldin, and George Baker's Sad Sack (now online).
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