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Celebrity Nudity Database [via Anil] I'm not usually one to accredit websites to the whim of the Almighty, but in this case, one has to wonder. The site bills itself as "the most comprehensive reference for celebrity nudity on the Internet" with "reviews of over 12,000 nude scenes -- updated daily". This is work-safe; it's not porn.
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I'm worried now. Since this is obviously the peak of Western Civilization, things can only go downhill from here.
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You know, I saw a book with this concept at the bar this past weekend. Can't remember the title, unfortunately.

Interesting concept sure to please teenage boys and settle bar bets.
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i'm going to have to disagree w/ jdroth and say that this is NOT safe for work -- i certainly wouldn't venture there if i was at work....

however, i will have to admit that i have used this site more than once to really determine if a B-movie was worth watching...
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From this I learned something I already knew -- that Julia Sawalha has done no nude scenes. That didn't stop a couple of people from posting info about scenes where she was wearing a low-cut dress or a one-piece swimsuit.
Very disappointing. Why did she have any reviews at all? These guys have low standards regarding what a "nude" scene is.
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As far as the NSFW statement... the content might be free of nudity, but some of the banner ads might be more than a little risque.
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The book...The Bare Facts Video Guide.
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That's the one! Thanks, perorate.
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And I wonder how often it's really updated, it says "New in Theatres : Star Wars : Ep II"

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#3 of top movie searches is Blue Lagoon. What do you suppose that indicates?
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There's also Mr. Skin. The guy who invented the site is on WEEI's (Boston) Dennis & Callahan show once in a while. Listeners call in and try to stump him with an actress, but 99.999% of the time he can tell you which movie, when in the film and how much skin the actress shows.
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What do you suppose that indicates?

That we still love watching Christoper Atkins masturbate and Brooke Shields menstruate?
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